Friday, December 16, 2011

Ustaz Syed Abdul Kadir Aljoofre


I considered myself as so lucky today. I was invited by a friend to go to auditorium this morning. At first, it was actually on other purposed. I was to make an attempt to stalk on this one person..hehehe..I know..I know..I feel bad for being so undisguised..but i cant help..

ok back to my story, I knew there'll be a talk by ustaz..but i dont know what was his name at first coz I was not interested at all. But, from the time I received email about this ceramah, I 've already smell something wonderful. I was thinking, why I feel like I shoudl go? Ermm nevermind, but after one of my friend told me tht he saw this one guy tht I love to stalk, she sms me to come. And so I went in. Once I stepped in, I was like...'' Oh my God..MasyaAllah..a handsome ustaz...I dont care..I must go in''..I didnt even think about the the person tht I want to peep on anymore. So I sat in..and listening to his wonderful talk. I got mesmerized by his charmness..and all the way..I was like..''untungnya wife dia''...''wife dia plg untung di dunia dan akhirat'' ..and bla..bla..keep on repeating...on and on. He was so funny, knowledgeable and most of all BERIMAN. At the end of the ceramah..the speaker announced his name..I was like..WHO??  I've heard this name before, oh no..he is so famous!! and I was like again..''the wife is super untung'' I wish I can marry a guy exactly like him..or maybe just him..hahahaha..tapi siapa la ana..

and so when I got back at home ..I straightly googled him. Pengsan again due to his handsome-ness...who wouldnt be..And his talk was super duper awesome. But that's not it, that was just a teaser. Well, Allah's the Greatest, he gave people with good look for reason. For me...I would that a person like me would stay and get myself stuck in the hall to listen to his talk. Betul tak??

People...u gotta listen to him...gain something from him. U wont regret. He taught us on how to be a smart muslim and how to be the  RICHEST person for akhirat. To get more pahala u have to be smart. We all want to get pahala, but it hv to be a big one.. and only smart people can get more pahala by doing such things. For example, if u want to donate things, u can simply donate it anyone u want or it can be to any beggars out there. But, if u are smart enough, U can try to donate something that can be use by every people especially muslims in the will lasting until forever and ever .. U'll gain pahala more and more. It's like we investing money in our deposit box.. but unlike that can still get your benefit from what you have donated even if u die..U'll love it.  Picture were taken from internet sources and also from my office email after his talk. a..hehehe..I wish! ;p

I will update things that I 've wrote from his talk from time to time as I dont really hv much time to upload everything :)

So..1st update : Contoh pahala yang boleh kita buat so that we can gain pahala  yang berpanjangan especially bila kita dah meninggal besok, it''s like, sedekah duit untuk tukar karpet masjid. Or maybe if you are super rich, you may want to sponsor the carpet for the whole masjid. MasyaAllah, tak dapat dibayangkan betapa besarnya pahala yang akan kita dapat. Cuba bayangkan, beratus-ratus orang, bersolat mengadap yang Esa, di atas karpet yang di sponsor oleh kita. Wowwwww......tak dapat bayangkan kan??

Atau pun, sedekah Al-Quran. Setiap kali ada jemaah yang menggunakan al-Quran yang telah kita wakafkan pada masjid, kita akan sama mendapat pahalanya. Wowwww.....tak dapat bayangkan kan??

Nanti akan di update lagi nanti with more ''Wowwww''..factor from Ustaz Abdul Kadir Al Joofre. Am I exaggerating? I memang suka exaggerate.. Hahaha..kalo yer pon ape salahnya kan?? So that you guys akan lebih teruja untuk mengikutnya dan melakukan amal ibadah... :)

Yang penting..ingatlah bahawa, sedekah dan amal jariah itulah yang akan membantu kita di alam barzakh kelak..dan kalau di dunia pula, ia membantu agar kita terhindar dari musibah. :)

Bawah ni nak share ceramah yang diceramahkan oleh beliau.

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